Saturday, 13 July 2013

Carnival Events Wristbands

Use Carnival Event Wristbands for Rides, Admission

Carnival events are fun for the whole family! Carnival organizers often use wristbands as part of the carnival admissions process. For example, organizers of the 123rd annual Atkin County Fair in Atkin, MN, are using event bracelets as a way for people to purchase ride tickets. According the, mega bracelets and advance sale tickets for the carnival, presented by Crescent City Amusements, are available for purchase.

Wristbands can be used for rides anytime that the carnival is open. Prices are $40 for pre-purchased bands or $50 at the carnival. An alternate single session wristband is also available in advance for $15, or on-site for $20. Banks throughout the Atkin and McGregor area, as well as other stores and offices, are selling the wristbands.

Carnival events are popular places for wristbands. Whether they’re for rides such as in Atkin, or for admission to the overall event or parts of the event, wristbands can help a carnival run smoothly.

Carnival Event Wristbands

Other Uses for Carnival Event Wristbands

In addition to wristbands used for admission and rides, carnivals are great places for other types of wristbands. For example:

  • Child safety bands can keep children safe at carnivals and any crowded place. With parents’ contact information printed on the wristband, lost children can quickly be reunited with their parents at the carnival.
  • Medical alert bracelets are helpful at carnival events. People with serious medical conditions wear medical alert wristbands to give first responders important information about their care. At carnivals, medical alert bracelets related to conditions such as severe allergies, diabetes, epilepsy and heart conditions may help save a person’s life.
  • Fundraising wristbands can be sold at carnivals to support local causes. At carnivals, people are looking for ways to have fun, and bold exciting wristbands with a catchy message can raise a lot of money for charity. 

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Wristbands Improve Safety for Children

Dublin Coast Guard Issues Safety Wristbands

At the beaches in Dublin, parents feel a little safer with the use of the Coast Guard's new Lost Child wristband. Parents use the bright orange wristbands to record their contact information and then securely attach it to their child’s wrist. According to reports, Fergus Cooney of the Coast Guard believes the safety bracelets will make it easier to reunite lost children with their parents.
He is quoted as saying, “If a lifeguard or the Coast Guard or a member of the public see a lost child with the wristband then they’ll know that they can get the details from the wristband, contact the parents and reunite them with their child.” This process will help authorities reunite lost children with parent’s faster, relieving stress and freeing up Coast Guard resources. The bands are free and available from Coast Guard patrols and Lifeguard stations at all beaches in Dublin.
Child Safety Wristbands

London Public Pools Using Wristbands for Child Safety

The newest safety rule in London public pools includes having children wear their wristband at all times. These mandatory color-coded wristbands are required for anyone under 17. Kids 12 and younger wear orange bands to indicate to lifeguards and caregivers that they are at higher risk and should be watched closely. Green wristbands are for teens up to 17 years old, which indicate to lifeguards that they are slightly safer in the water.
Younger children who prove they are advanced swimmers can take a swimming ability test to trade in their orange wristbands for green ones. If they can swim 20 meters or the width of the pool — whichever is farther — they can get the advanced swimming wristbands.
According to pool supervisors, the wristbands are an important safety tool for lifeguards, children, and parents. The color-coded bracelets help to quickly identify swimmers who may need extra help and attention in the water. In the case of these wristbands, safety is greatly improved and could help save a swimmer’s life.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Custom Wristbands Make a Difference

When tragedy strikes a family or a community, people naturally want to help those in need. One way to do that is to buy custom wristbands with a personalized message of support.

Wristbands Teach Nebraska Community about Myeloma

A purple wristband worn by a man in Grand Island, NE, led to many conversations. Stricken by the cancer himself, Glenn Potter began wearing his purple Myeloma wristband soon after he was diagnosed with the disease. Potter used his silicone bracelet as a conversation starter, both to help raise awareness of the disease and to support other people suffering from it. Part of a support group to help others with the disease, Potter was receiving regular chemotherapy treatments to keep the disease in check. Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells that originates in the bone marrow. There is no cure for myeloma, but treatments have led to people living longer with it.

Purple Myeloma Fundraising Bracelets

Potter saw himself as an ambassador for educating people about myeloma. His wristband reminded him of his mission, and helped other people feel less isolated by the disease. Garrett's daughter was reported as saying that her dad often was one of the first people a person who was newly diagnosed with myeloma would talk to. She said her father received calls from myeloma patients all across the country and he stayed on the line until people had all their initial questions answered. Nearly 15 years after his original diagnosis, Potter died of complications from myeloma last year. He was buried wearing his faded bracelet. Many people close to Potter were given their own burgundy bracelets to start new conversations about myeloma.

Wristband Sales Raise Money for Wounded Soldiers

On the other side of the world, at a supermarket in Potters Bar, UK, wristbands were sold to raise money in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby. Customers made donations and purchased it to raise money for Help for Heroes, a charity that supports wounded soldiers. Customers were able to make donations and buy them. Customer services team leader Jas Rehal was reported as saying, “We wanted to show our support for this great cause by doing our bit and raising money."

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Nike Pulls Funding For Livestrong Wristbands

Nike recently announced that after the 2013 holiday season, it will no longer produce Livestrong merchandise, including the super popular yellow "LIVESTRONG" wristbands that became a worldwide symbol of cancer awareness.

This decision ends a partnership that lasted nine years and brought the Livestrong charity to the top of its class as a global brand and a voice for cancer victims around the world. According to news sources, Nike has distributed 87 million Livestrong bracelets and raised more than $100 million for the cancer charity.

Livestrong Wristbands

Reason Behind The Scene

Despite the waning support of its main backers including Nike, the Livestrong organization issued a statement that said its finances remain sound and that it would have no trouble continuing its work. Made well known in part because of the bracelets, the organization took a big hit when its founder, Lance Armstrong, finally admitted to using banned performance enhancing drugs. As a cancer survivor himself, Armstrong was the figure behind the wristbands, and provided many cancer victims and their families with a sense of inspiration and hope. However, after his admission, he's become seen as an increasingly toxic public figure, forcing his resignation from the organization.

Even without Armstrong, the Livestrong Foundation is intent on continuing the mission that started with a small yellow wristband. Regarding the news from Nike, the organization stated that, "This news will prompt some to jump to negative conclusions about the Foundation's future. We see things quite differently. We expected and planned for changes like this and are therefore in a good position to adjust swiftly and move forward with our patient-focused work. Because of our sound fiscal health, the Foundation is well-positioned to continue to grow our free services for cancer patients and survivors that improve quality of life and access to care."

Charity watch-dog organizations also seem to believe in the future of Livestrong. Charity Navigator gave Livestrong a four-star rating last month in part due to its strong financial health. CharityWatch listed Livestrong among its top-rated charities last year as well, showing that Livestrong's revenue is already beating the own projections for 2013.

While the wristbands and other Livestrong merchandise were visible and popular, their sales only contributed a fraction of the foundation's overall income. Livestrong has taken steps to distance itself from Armstrong. After his resignation, they garnered new support through an enormous rebranding effort. As part of that effort, the organization moved its "call-to-action" day from the anniversary of Armstrong's cancer diagnosis to the day it introduced the yellow wristbands.

Wristbands Still a Powerful Tool

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Memorial Wristbands

Memorial Wristbands Help Students Cope with Loss

Memorial wristbands are a very simple but thoughtful way recognize and remember people who have passed away. Memorial bracelets are often used by families, but can also be used by larger communities to memorialize a person who has died under particularly tragic circumstances. For example, the classmates of slain Tampa teenager Calyx Schenecker will wear bands honoring her at their high school graduation ceremony. At age 16, Calyx and her 13-year-old brother Beau were brutally murdered by their own mother, Julie Schenecker. 

Memory wristbands

Calyx's friends at King High School in Tampa want to show their community that they will always remember her, and want to publicly recognize her during their graduation ceremony. They'll wear customized memorial wristbands in her honor at their June 4 graduation.

The Associated Press quoted a classmate of Calyx's as saying, “It’s hard because you think about the things we would be doing together at this time, how excited we would be for one another," she said. "It's a time when we are thinking about her more than usual. It's hard to remember you don't have her anymore."

The memorial bracelets in Calyx's honor will bring comfort to her friends as they celebrate the graduating class of their school. At the same time, the wristbands may leave a lasting impression on the students and attendees that raise awareness of issues such as child abuse and mental illness. Schenecker is charged with two counts of first degree murder and is scheduled to stand trial in October. Her attorneys plan to use an insanity defense. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

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